Barbie-core is still going, and going, and here’s Heidi Klum continuing the trend and we’re in for another year or more of this because the movie doesn’t come out until next summer and when that happens, Barbie-core will be even more in-our-eyeballs than it is now. Heidi’s outfit is fine. But her hair is spectacular. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I don’t own anything Yeezy. And it’s not like I avoid buying celebrity-endorsed sh-t. I’m a basic bitch, so I’m usually all over that. But Yeezy style is not my style. And I’m not about to go sifting through garbage bags for one of his t-shirts. What is the online version of this? Is it like a video game where you have to pull things out of virtual garbage bags and look for your size? (Dlisted) 

Prince Harry is in Mozambique this week. (Cele|bitchy)  

I don’t know why I watched this but my heart is now beating really fast and I haven’t had lunch yet and it’s well after 3pm so I feel faint. WHYYYYY do people do this? There’s a guard-rail for a reason!? I would be so f-cking mad at my husband if he ever pulled this kind of sh-t – which he would never, he’s really cautious – because in addition to being stupid, it’s also really f-cking selfish. (Pajiba) 

If you have the time, please read this piece as told to Megan Paetzhold by two doulas about “what abortion actually looks like… to “demystify the process”. (The Cut)