Here in Canada we are still working to get more of our population vaccinated with their first shot. I had mine a few weeks ago and as a member of Gen X, I was ready for that AZ. And the side effects. Jacek and I actually got our shots on the same day and now that we know what happens, we’re hoping to stagger them for the second shot because we both reacted in the exact same way which was a terrible headache, major fatigue, and other flu-like syptoms. I wasn’t grumpy about it. In fact, I was happy for it, happy to be one step closer to the end of the pandemic. And also because we were prepared because we listened to the experts and understand how science works. Cannot say the same for Eric Clapton. (Cele|bitchy)


Drew Barrymore had Dylan Farrow on her show this week and is expressing regret over working with Woody Allen. This comes after the release of Allen v Farrow a couple of months ago on HBO which it sounds like more and more people are watching. There’s a sentence in this post written by Allison at Dlisted that is just… chef’s kiss. “Imagine going back in time and telling Drew that 25 years in the future, she’ll be embarrassed to have worked with one A-list Hollywood guy, and in a wild turn of events, it won’t be xxx”. I don’t want to spoil it because it’s so good(Dlisted) 

Oh look, it’s Heidi Klum on a red carpet and the styling here is… not as cute as her streetwear. I can’t figure out the disconnect. Her streetwear is so good. And then she steps to a premiere or an award show and this happens, although I am thinking a lot about her hairstyle right now because the long straight hair with bangs/fringe has always appealed to me it’s just my ma won’t let me cut it like that. I’m going to ask her if she’s changed her mind. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Emma Watson has tweeted for the first time in a long, long time and her tweet changes nothing, which was her point. But this is a good opportunity to remind you that the original report that she’d retired from acting came from the Daily Mail so… you know. (Pajiba) 

I’ve always liked Saweetie and now I have another reason to: she eats like I do, which means she will try out random flavours that food snobs won’t go near and it sounds like she puts Cheeto dust on everything which… how many years have I been telling you to sprinkle Cheeto dust on all your food? Including salad! Skip the croutons, go with Cheetos or Cheeto dust. Trust me, it’s amazing. (The Ringer)