Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were supposedly going to get married this month, according to Us Weekly. Now Us Weekly is saying that that’s not happening but not because there are problems in their relationship but because of something to do with a venue. Not sure I buy this story but if it’s true… does this mean celebrities have problems securing wedding venues too? (Dlisted)

Henry Cavill enjoys a turtleneck. And he doesn’t look bad in a turtleneck. But when I think of British actors in turtlenecks these days, he’s not the first to come to mind. The first to come to mind is Tom Wambsgans, who is not English, but the actor who plays him is English. Can you imagine Henry Cavill as a Tom Wambsgans kind of character? I think it would do wonders for his career, actually. If he could pull it off. Matthew MacFadyen is Mr Darcy AND Tom Wambsgans. That’s range. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Matt Lauer is angry. He’s angry about how he’s being treated. There are a lot of people who are angry and who have earned their anger; they have a right to be angry. Has he earned his anger?  (Cele|bitchy) 

This is a great dress on Tiffany Haddish – it’s funky and memorable and fun and unexpected, a dress that totally suits her personality. (Just Jared) 

Jason Derulo’s Instagram photo was a problem for Instagram because people thought the outline of his dick was showing when it was probably a fold on the material of his underwear. At least that’s what it looked like to me – but no, he’s not actually saying that. He’s saying he can’t help it if his dick is so big that you can’t help but see the outline so… I guess… he’s made his point. He has a big dick. (TMZ)