My new Obsession – and yours! – Henry Golding and Liv Lo were home in Singapore for the Crazy Rich Asians premiere the other night. God, these two. It’s too much. It’s TOO MUCH.

As I’ve mentioned, I got Kathleen deep into Team Golding a couple of weeks ago. Our friend Andrea is also down, although she’s more low key about it. Andrea sent us a video of them together the other night though. It’s older, from a few years ago, and nothing major happens – other than the fact that they go for durian and express their love for durian which has the reputation of being the world’s smelliest fruit until you taste it properly, but it’s hard to get people to approach that point – but this video isn’t necessarily for information, it’s more for, like, stan-creeping. For the squeals. They’ve got their arms around each other and it’s so clearly True Love Forever… yes, we are goddamn pathetic teens.


In other Henry news, other than how so many people are hoping he’ll be considered to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond, now that Crazy Rich Asians is a certified hit, Henry is making headlines everywhere. Vogue just profiled him. Esquire UK is big on his style. (He really does have great style. This metallic tuxedo jacket? Come on.) He’s done interviews with THR, Vulture, too many to list off, and there will be more because A Simple Favour is coming out soon. Also, Variety just named him to the 10 Actors to Watch list, alongside Letitia Wright and Zazie Beetz. Previous people on the list include Lupita Nyong’o, Brie Larson, Mahershala Ali, and Timothee Chalamet. (Gemma Chan made the list too.) The point I’m trying to make is that Henry seems to be working with a smart team. It’s been an excellent rollout. Looking forward to how they’ll transition him from Just Arrived to Officially the Sh-t.

As for Liv, check out what she posted on Instagram about identity and belonging and inclusion after the CRA Singapore premiere. CRYING!


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