The Daily Mail is still trying to go for Meghan Markle and there will be a few more days of hearings to overturn the summary judgment against them that was in her favour. They have deep pockets, they can keep coming at this - not necessarily because they think they’re right, but because they can create more headlines. (Celebitchy) 


I’m so curious what the studio and the marketing team behind King Richard think of all the sensational headlines coming out about his memoir. What they want is for people to be talking about how greet his performance is and whether or not he will get an Oscar nomination. What people are actually talking about are his open marriage, his sex life, and his trippy visions. Are they on board with this strategy? Also, who else would be in Will’s harem?! (Dlisted)

This baggy suit on Hailee Steinfeld is great and I’m looking forward to seeing her wardrobe on the Hawkeye press tour. The colour is fun. The fit is fun. And while the Fug Girls think the whole look is askew, I don’t think that has anything to do with the actual structure and the wear of the suit but the effect the shoes have on the look. It’s the shoes that are throwing off the vibe. Not a good choice. With a white pump you’re expecting a less edgy style. If she were wearing platform sneakers (for the height) or boots or a more aggressive shoe, you’d get a whole different mood. (Go Fug Yourself)


There’s a conversation happening on social media about on-screen couples with zero chemistry. I agree with almost all of the ones mentioned and totally agree with Kayleigh Donaldson about The Rock. But Leonardo DiCaprio does come up a lot. And it’s true - Titanic is the last time I bought him in a romantic situation. (Pajiba)

It’s chili season! We all have a go-to chili recipe right? Chili is one of those dishes where people are always insisting that they have the best one, that their chili is superior. I do not claim this about the chili recipe that I use, which is not mine, but it does involve beer and it makes all the difference. That said, I’m making less and less chili year after year because I’ve perfected my own bigos recipe. Bigos is Polish Hunter stew. I’m married to a Pole. His mother would not take kindly to me saying that my bigos is the sh-t. But I’ve been working on it for a couple of years now and I think I’ve nailed it. Jacek is staying neutral. Ps if you’ve never tried bigos, look it up and go for it. There’s a lot of sauerkraut so the bonus is that it works for gut health too. (Eater)