Dear Gossips,

Since Sunday’s premiere of Game Of Thrones season 7, obviously I’ve been reading everything I can online about the series – analysis, speculation, predictions, not necessarily for actual storyline purposes but because shows like GoT bring out some terrific writing. Like Hillary Kelly’s GoT pieces at Vulture. But first, a small bone to pick.

On Monday, Hillary posted an article about Our Biggest Questions After The Game Of Thrones Premiere. They were good questions. But then! Then! When it came time to talk about Sam at the Citadel and why Jorah Mormont is there, she posited that “this sets us up perfectly for Sam plus Jorah, a beautiful buddy plotline”.


Am I the only person who hates Jorah Mormont? There is no one I hate more on Game Of Thrones than Jorah Mormont, perv of Westeros. (Previously it was dumbass Catelyn Stark.) How can you stand his skeezy f-cking eyes leering at Daenerys even when he’s not in her presence? He might be grossest when he’s actually away from her because of all that sick pining. Nobody needs a Sam + Jorah road trip, stop this f-ckery!

And yet, the truth is, probably everybody needs a Sam + Jorah road trip because, as Sarah told me the other day, she too isn’t into Jorah but she is into how the story shapes around him. So, fine. The rest of you can be grownups about this. I’ll be over here despising Jorah and hoping for his imminent death by E. coli all by myself.

While we can disagree on Jorah, most people seem to agree that Arya Stark is now one of the most popular characters on the show. Which is why Hillary Kelly is wondering if it’s actually OK to root for her. Hillary argues that Arya has “learned to abuse power” rather than become empowered and part of the reason that that seems less problematic on Arya than on other characters is because she’s so young, the bloodthirst on her feels fresh and feisty whereas on an older woman it might read much more disturbing, much more sinister. Arya Stark: avenging angel or killing machine?

Part of me is like, well, if she didn’t kill the assholes she’s already killed, they would have gone on killing other peopIe – and she would have been one of them. And the other part of me is like, yeah, but does she have to enjoy it so much? And then I’m like, f-ck it, why not? Which, um, OK, maybe that’s the problem. I’m still thinking on this but read Hillary’s column and let me know your thoughts. 

Yours in gossip,