I wanted to write about Celine yesterday because … did you know her handbag line just launched at Nordstrom? I’m into this clutch:

Also this crossbody:


Good right? Also? Not stupidly priced.

Anyway, I did not end up writing about Celine yesterday because I was hoping for some new photos, even though she’s not in Paris anymore and, you would think, the season of best Celine visuals is now behind us. You would think.

But Celine doesn’t need Paris to be amazing. Please. Celine is now home in Quebec and she went to a local hockey game to watch Rene Charles play and… no one else was watching anyone play because this is what Celine was doing in the bleachers:


Did you expect her to just sit there and look at the puck go back and forth? Please. The woman has FEELINGS, how many times do I have to tell you this? How can she have feelings and stayed seated? When you have as many feelings as Celine does, while her pride and joy is skating and passing and charging up the boards, you must dance to your feelings. You must dance out your feelings. While wearing a hockey jersey – and looking REALLY cute in a hockey jersey. I can’t believe she didn’t pull out the air guitar. I feel like she must have and no one was recording. This is UNACCEPTABLE. If you were sitting behind Celine Dion at a junior hockey game, why wouldn’t you be using up all your phone memory to document the history of feelings?