Dear Gossips,

Some days are sh-ttier than others. I’m so sorry. This was not the open that I meant to post today. But I’m not really sure how else to do it. Short of leaving this space blank then, I’ll fill it with a band that was formed in Las Vegas, a band most closely associated with Las Vegas, the band with the #1 album on the Billboard 200, the first #1 of their career.

Mr Brightside was written in Vegas. It was first performed in Vegas.

My favourite song by the most successful band to come out of Las Vegas is probably Human, though some days, I’m all about Spaceman. Or When You Were Young. Which is a song off their second album, Sam’s Town, critically disparaged when it first came out and I can never understand why. I’ve listened to that album from front to back hundreds of times. No song is a skip. Most of the songs get better and better. This River Is Wild, for example, is electrifying, especially if you’ve ever heard them play it live. As far as their greatest hits go though, of course, right now I can’t quite forget about All These Things That I’ve Done.

If you can hold on…
If you can hold on…

The band’s name is hard to say today. If only the only Killers who came out of Vegas were the ones whose music have given a lot of people a lot of joy.

Yours in gossip,