Prince Harry showed up yesterday as Donald Trump and his entourage toured the Royal Collection with the Queen. He stayed near the back of the group, interacting briefly with Ivanka Trump, but was not seen at any point going near her father – this, of course, a day after Trump called Meghan Markle “nasty”. And, obviously, it’s pretty clear what Meghan thinks of this American president.

Almost every working member of the royal family attended the state banquet at Buckingham Palace – but Harry. That said, Harry’s only been to one state dinner in the past. It’s not really his thing, Trump or otherwise. What’s more telling, perhaps, is Instagram.  

Since launching their Instagram account, House Sussex has been pretty diligent about posting pictures of Harry or Meghan every time they step out. We know Meghan is skilled at social media. We know she has a clear strategy. She’s on it. The grammar might need some work , but she’s on it. And still, as I’m writing this post (930am ET), there’s been no mention of Harry’s appearance yesterday at the Royal Collection. The last time House Sussex updated IG it was Saturday, June 1, the beginning of Pride Month:


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The Sussexes are the first British royals to publicly acknowledge and celebrate Pride, continuing their new tradition of using social media to highlight the messages that matter most to them. And perhaps using silence to NOT highlight what they disagree with. In this case…?