House Sussex – Meghan Markle, really – continues to flex on social media, grammar aside. For Father’s Day yesterday, it was another major exclusive: a new shot of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor in the arms of his sire, Prince Harry. This is the best look we’ve had of his face and you know, you KNOW, everyone wants to see that face. 


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But… not all of it, right? 

As I keep saying, Meghan understands how to tease out a release. And she’s not giving it all away just yet. She gets it, the way Beyoncé gets it, what’s just enough to keep them hungry for more. Also like Beyoncé, she’s obviously building an archive. Beyoncé gives us deliberately timed drops, crumbs to satiate for the moment, while hoarding the rest for rollout later on – never-before-seen wedding photos during a concert, glimpses of her babies, the twins, carefully curated snapshots of her life, revealing some…but not too much. 

Meghan Markle seems to be serving us the same and doing it just as effectively. Because, again, remember, she was doing this before she met Harry, and while she claims not to pay attention to social media – please. PLEASE. Of course she pays attention. She’s was a celebrity and is now a bigger celebrity: they all pay attention. Now the spotlight is that much bigger, the strategy that much more important. 
And as celebrities do, she is skilled at deflection, at redirecting the conversation. All that sh-t they were talking about her at Trooping the Colour, whatever it was they were hating on her for the Trump visit, she was saving up her own mic drop: everybody knows babies steal headlines. 

Next up: Archie’s christening, reportedly scheduled for next month, at St George’s Chapel, where the Sussexes were married. 

Attached - Prince Harry at the Chatham House Africa Programme event today in London.