As I mentioned in this space a few weeks ago, I’d never heard of this dude until his f-cksh-t was made public. And now he’s been fired. So hopefully we don’t have to say his name anymore. His name is Clayne. And his name matches his face. Duana wrote a whole book (The Name Therapist) about what names say about us. She probably wouldn’t agree that people are guaranteed to grow up douchebags if you give them a douchebag name but I feel like she would totally agree about Clayne. You know what Clayne might be thinking right now? How come Johnny Depp gets a pass? (Dlisted) 

I can’t hate this sequined blazer dress on Mel B. Not only can I not hate it, I think I would wear it. It’s borderline tacky and all the way cute and she looks great in it and I want to know if it comes in any other colours. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I’m so curious about the world of Grimes. One minute she’s collaborating with Janelle Monae. The next minute she’s dating Elon Musk and wearing his symbol around her neck. How did this happen? We’re being told it happened because of Twitter and nerding. But that’s virtual. I’m curious about the chemistry of the flesh. Is Elon Musk going to be around the next time Grimes hangs out with Janelle? Because I don’t know if I want those worlds to collide? (Cele|bitchy) 

Holy f-cking sh-t, it’s a dimsum personality test! I ended up with “trustworthy but moody”. Which is not inaccurate. Also… who has wine with dimsum!? I never knew wine was even served at dimsum. Is this goop-sponsored? (Buzzfeed) 

I LOVE mismatched shoes. I have a pair – Sylvester is on one foot and Tweety Bird is on the other and the patterns are slightly different on both. Whenever I wear them on The Social people are always bitching that they’re two different shoes. Let this be a trend. Let it be totally OK to wear two different shoes as long as they complement each other. (The Cut) 

Remember when Frances McDormand’s head was inside a tree at the Met Gala? Technically that was a fascinator. Can you imagine if someone wears something like that at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding? Who will be the Princess Beatrice of Harry and Meghan’s wedding? Will it be Beatrice once again? Or, after Beatrice set the pace, will there be several Beatrices at the wedding? (Vanity Fair)