Dear Gossips,

I haven’t stepped outside my home since Saturday. Maybe today I’ll go for a walk, while maintaining a three meters or six feet distance from the next person, with the exception of my husband and our dogs. This seems ridiculous, of course, in normal times. But these are not normal times. If we all do the SD, we can flatten the curve, help the healthcare system, and obviously save lives.

Drake is currently doing the SD. What does Social Distancing, Drake styles look like? Please. He’s been at his mansion in Toronto. He’s been keeping up with his physical fitness on his custom NBA regulation basketball court. 


His barber came over to give him a trim. Oh and he’s still poppin’ bottles and when he does it, cash money comes flying out, LOL.


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I appreciate the video editing. I appreciate the entertainment. And remember, you can’t have bubbly without some snacks. Chips with the dip! Flying chips with the dip!


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Social distancing isn’t going to make Drake any less extra. I wonder if that’s actually a celebrity challenge now – keeping up with the content in ordinary non-lockdown times is one thing, but who’s actually the most creative while self-isolating? And, um, who can do it without f-cking up, because I’m sure you’ve heard, there’s already been a f-ck-up. More on that in a minute. 

As for what Drake is celebrating: he just broke the record for the most Billboard Hot 100 entries of all time.  

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