Armani Privé isn’t exactly a fashion house that’s big with the youth. There are other brands that are much more popular with the TikTok generation and while that demographic may not be the ones spending, they are the ones who can drive hype and every label needs hype to attract consumers. So it’s in the best interest of every label to engage with Gen Z where they can. 


With that in mind, here are Sydney Sweeney and Noah Centineo at the Armani Privé show in Paris. This black check-print beaded body-con dress looks insane on her – exactly the right selection matching the piece to the person. Like before today I wouldn’t have been sold on the pairing of Sydney with Armani (in my mind she’s more Versace) but after seeing this on her I could be convinced. And a lot more convinced than Sydney + Tory Burch. 

As for Noah, how long before the shipping starts? Sydney and Noah, Cassie Howard and Peter Kavinsky. Makes total sense to me but I’m an old person so I’m not sure if it tracks for someone who’s 18. 


It wasn’t just Gen Z at Armani though. Laura Dern was also there, as was Emma Thompson, attending with her daughter Gaia, who did as Emma Thompson does. 


She obviously loves Peter Kavinsky too, LOLOLOLOL.