Dear Gossips, 

When I posted on Monday about Taylor Swift showing up at Arrowhead Stadium to watch Travis Kelce and Kansas City play the Chicago Bears, I shouted out the control room for repeatedly cutting away to Taylor during the broadcast. Because a sporting event is a television show – it is entertainment, and Taylor and Travis, right now, are great entertainment. 


That decision, to focus so much on Taylor, with all the speculation surrounding her situationship with Travis, was good business. Per Variety:

“Sunday night’s telecast of Fox’s “America’s Game of the Week” got the Taylor’s Version treatment and delivered a total audience of 24.32 million viewers and scoring the highest among female demographics across the ages of 12-17, 18-49 this week.”

So the NFL and its media partners are also appreciating the Taylor bump. Pretty sure Travis and his brother Jason’s podcast, New Heights, is about to experience the same. They posted a teaser yesterday for the new episode dropping today. 


Travis has been talking about Taylor a LOT. Did he manifest this for himself, LOL. 

What I think about the most where Taylor and Travis are concerned is how much coordination is happening between them. Like have they been, step by step, writing this story together? How much of this rollout is organic and how much of it is has been planned by these two? And when I say “planned”, I don’t mean that this is a fauxmance. They can be legitimately attracted to each other and dealing with each other romantically but also coordinating how they’ve presented it to the public. Which brings me back to his podcast. Did she have a say in what he’s about to say? Or is he really out here on his own just shooting his mouth off? 

Like I said, the Kelce brothers better have the bandwidth for these downloads because this episode is about to go nuclear. 

Yours in gossip,