I feel for parents at the grocery store when this happens – when their child throws themselves on the floor during a tantrum and the mom or dad is trying to deal with the shopping and the embarrassment and the kid screaming its head off. When it happens in the driveway though, clearly there are more options available. This seems like a reasonable option, although I wonder what kind of conversation is happening on the judgy mommy blogs and on Facebook today about it. (Dlisted)  

It’s true – everyone wants a To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before sequel. But also, be careful what you wish for. Because it can’t be 90 minutes of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinksy in a hot tub. It can’t just be 90 minutes of Peter twirling Lara Jean by her back pocket. There has to be a story. There has to be an inevitable conflict. There has to be a teen crisis because if there’s one thing that you can always rely on it’s that teens create drama. Prepare your tender hearts. (Jezebel) 

Prince Charles is not done with his birthday media month. A new photo of him with Trey, aka Prince Louis, has just been released and it’s pretty f-cking cute. Trey is eating his own chubby hand and looking off-camera towards, presumably, his mother, Princess Catherine. I’m not a baby person but I do like baby smell. Does royal baby smell even better than regular baby smell? Charles seems like he’s into Trey’s baby smell too. (Just Jared) 

OK but as cute as Trey is… is he as cute as Joe Biden’s new puppy, Major?! Major! Major is a great name. And Major has a GREAT face. The way he’s cocking his head with his big goofy eyes in the shot with Joe sitting on the bench KILLS me. (Cele|bitchy) 

I co-sign this. Mahershala Mondays should 100% be a thing, especially when Mahershala Ali is walking around in outfits that are this good. It’s throwbacky but still modern. And I’m all over these pants. (Go Fug Yourself) 

LOLOLOLOL. How do you feel about your class photos? First of all, my solo class photos were never full body – is this what we do now? Second, have you ever seen a class photo better than this one? I appreciate that as pissed as this kid is, he still pulls off a solid pose! The hands in the pockets! The wide stance. The angle to the camera! Pretty sure the parents aren’t mad at this at all. (Mashable)