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Physical distancing, isolation, quarantine, lockdown, shelter at home, whatever you want to call it, it sucks for everyone. Well, almost everyone. Except maybe…pets? Highlighting how pets are enjoying having you home all the time has become a thing on social media. And Kelly Conaboy even interviewed a canine behavioural expert about how dogs really feel right now for The Cut

My dogs are spoiled. Jacek works from home so they are always accompanied by their human – which is why they are so insulted when they are left alone at home. Having me around constantly though is what’s new. And I don’t know that they’re enjoying it because they love me so much but I can tell you that they’re enjoying it because I work in the kitchen, and now there’s always someone in the kitchen to ask for a treat. Actually, “ask” is the wrong word. It’s more like harassment: “Bitch, it’s time for my carrot.”

Do you know the Instagram account “Dog”? It’s Emily our site manager’s favourite. If you have a dog or dogs, is this your life right now?


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 Either that or they’ll just keep bringing toys and dropping them at my feet. When that doesn’t work, I get the sulks:


Yesterday Toronto announced the closure of all dog parks in the city because people were not observing the physical distancing. Understandable decision, I fully support it. But can’t wait for my two assholes to have a tantrum later when we walk past the dog run at the beach and they try to pull my arm off insisting that they’re entitled to be in there. Five minutes ago I had to drag you out of the house because you did not want to get up from your nap!

On a more serious note, leading up to all these closures due to the pandemic, many animal shelters and rescue agencies worried about having to shut down and what to do with the animals. There have been a lot of stories of people fostering pets, including several celebrities. That said, the longer this goes on, the worries accumulate and more animals will be at risk. If you are able to, please contact your local humane society to see how you can help. Here’s a good article if you’re thinking about fostering. 

Here's Nina Dobrev out for a walk with her dog yesterday in LA.

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