How to manage your mental health when all the news is bad. (Popsugar)


The headline on this post from the Fug Girls is a classic. I laughed as soon as I saw it. (Go Fug Yourself)

How do you clean your jeans? I grew up in Texas, riding horses and running around a ranch. Good jeans are a must—my go to is vintage Wranglers or Levi’s, check your local Goodwill and you can often find great bargains on classic denim—and cleaning them is a CONVERSATION. I have heard of the “shower method” espoused by the Levi’s CEO, but my family’s tried and true method is spot-cleaning with warm water and mild detergent (blue Dawn is the ranch go-to, we buy the stuff by the gallon), and then putting them in the deep freeze overnight. The cold kills any bacteria. Take them out the next morning, thaw, and wear for a while (jeans do not need to be washed with every wear). (Celebitchy)


Have you wondered about Erewhon, the super trendy, ultra-luxe LA health food store that has become a celebrity hot spot over the last few years? Well, here’s a profile of Erewhon and its owners, the Antoci family. (THR)

And here is Taffy Brodesser-Akner on Taylor Swift and the Eras Tour. The part about TSwift declining a profile—or Tree Paine declining for her—is a little credulous, Swift is hardly the only celebrity to shun profiles lately. Beyonce has been rolling like that for years. But I love Taffy’s description of the concert itself, which sounds like half endurance test, half sleepover. Honestly, Eras sounds like a lot of fun, with everyone dressing up and celebrating their favorite era, and I love how Taffy connects that to how we grow up and we shouldn’t let go of our own eras as we mature. (The New York Times)