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Dear Gossips,

Our friends Lorella and Paolo live in Houston. They are the most generous people, so kind, and so smart. Jacek and I have stayed with them many times through the years and I was just in Houston a couple of months ago to visit. Lorella and I experienced Graceland together for the first time on that trip. We fell in love with each other over Elvis – and our enormous appetites. We once went to a restaurant and ordered so much food that they had to move us from a two person table to a six person table. And we finished it all.

Lorella and Paolo are OK. There was flooding in their neighbourhood and it’s been an exhausting few days but so far they are managing. Their focus is now on trying to help others. The other day they took their car out (it has a rising mechanism) and went onto the streets to help people who were stranded. Lorella is also going to be volunteering at one of the shelters, caring for those who’ve lost everything and then, later, helping people rebuild their lives. There is so much more work to be done. There will be work for years to come after the immediate crisis subsides. Lorella and Paolo are the people who’ll show up to work. I never asked her if I could tell you this. She would be embarrassed by the spotlight – and mostly by me talking about our gluttony. But I wanted you to know a little about our friends who teach us so much every day, the way so many people in Houston have been teaching us about compassion and community and courage.

Here’s a link to a NY Times article that was published this week with a list of local and national organisations that are accepting donations in support of those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Here’s another link from NPR with more information and resources.

Here’s a video that Lorella shared with me last night.

Yours in gossip,


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