Asking him to love her? 

Hugh Grant, in typical Hugh Grant accidental fashion, became Duana’s favourite at the Golden Globes earlier this year when he stepped on stage to introduce Dunkirk after being introduced as the star of Paddington 2. I mean, look at him. 

And then! For that role in PADDINGTON 2, Hugh was nominated for a BAFTA! Sheepishly, of course. 

Since then, Hugh’s been pretty quiet. Until now. 


I screamed with laughter at that tweet. Because it’s just So F-cking Hugh Grant

“In case it appeals”…

Almost as though he’s hoping it will NOT appeal to you at all. And he’s practically expecting it to NOT appeal to you at all. Why would anyone want to enjoy a picnic with this misanthrope? Picnics are for optimists. Picnic-ing by its very nature is an act of positivity. (I never picnic – abhor it, actually. Because I hate eating outside and because I hate people.) It’s an embrace of the world. Let me eat ON the world. In the presence of the world. Being of the world is not exactly Hugh Grant’s jam. It just so happens that he’s been in a lot of movies that are the cinematic equivalent of a picnic. And now, for charity, he will picnic with a stranger, and probably apologise the whole time. 

But you know what the cherry on all of this hilarity is? You know what you get at a picnic? One of the staples of a picnic? 


I’m totally donating. I’m putting my name in for consideration. And I’m doing it for Duana too. I might actually be more excited about this than the time Idris Elba wanted us to pound his yams