Dear Gossips,

Never expected Hugh Grant to be a high point this week. He continues to delight the people who are delighted by him. This, for us here, is credit to Duana, who has not stopped being delighted by Hugh since she posted about him, while crying from laughter, and “Paddington Bear 2”, after the Golden Globes. Hugh, at the Golden Globes, was introduced as the star of “Paddington Bear 2”, presented with Sarah Jessica Parker, and then stayed solo on stage to introduce Best Drama nominee Dunkirk. Which, in hindsight, might be genius programming from the Golden Globes producers, to take us from “Paddington Bear 2” to Dunkirk when we didn’t know we ever needed it. Because yesterday, as mentioned, Hugh Grant was nominated for a BAFTA for Paddington 2, over Mark Rylance in Dunkirk (among others), and to continue the delight that he’s been delivering all week, the announcement elicited “the gasp” from the audience at the press conference…because who the f-ck would have been expecting Hugh Grant and Paddington 2 to be called?! Certainly not Hugh Grant, who happened to be making the rounds on morning television in New York at the time and was his usual hilarious, impatiently apologetic self. In three minutes, he veers from embarrassment over his nomination, to pride in the film, back to self-deprecating, and then, when asked what’s been his favourite film to work on over the years, cites a movie probably most people haven’t heard of – at least not when you consider Notting Hill or About A Boy or Four Weddings And A Funeral or Nine Months or Bridget Jones… OR ANYTHING ELSE HE’S EVER DONE – before, finally, ending on a sex joke on morning television. This is what Hugh Grant can do in less than 4 minutes!

When I posted about Hugh’s BAFTA nomination yesterday, I wondered whether or not he’d squirm away from the honour. Clearly he couldn’t, since he’s on a press tour, but he actually didn’t and instead gave us the most Hugh Grant tweet if there ever was a Hugh Grant tweet. It’s a tweet that, once again, sent Duana into weeping hysteria: 

I really wish he was on Twitter after the time he threw a Tupperware full of baked beans at a paparazzo. This is why we can laugh at Hugh Grant. Because he can be such a miserable f-cking asshole. 

In other Hugh Grant news, it was also confirmed that he and his partner, Anna Eberstein, are expecting their third child, his fifth, later this year. She was at the Globes with him on Sunday and will likely be with him at the BAFTAs on February 18th where, in the Best Supporting Actor category, he will be representing Paddington, not Bear, 2

Yours in gossip,