It’s the final push for Wonka before it opens in North America on Friday and Hugh Grant was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night doing his part. By doing his part I meant that Hugh Grant was Hugh Grant and opened the interview by basically saying he hates Christmas, LOL FOREVER. 


Obviously Hugh Grant would hate Christmas. Or pretend like he hates Christmas. Hugh Grant doesn’t know how to do cheer which is why it’s so hilariously ironic that he’s in so many movies that we consider to be Christmas movies. Love Actually, Bridget Jones’s Diary, About a Boy (which I think is a Christmas movie!)…

The point is, a lot of people watch a lot of Hugh at Christmas and he, on screen anyway, does actually give cheer to these people at Christmas even though he’d rather eat sh-t than have to give or bring cheer in real life. 

And now, Wonka. Does he hate his life? 

Of course not. He concedes with Fallon that he does put this on a bit, the grump persona, but I don’t think he’s putting it on when he comes alive – like the colour actually returns to his face – when he’s talking about BLACKPINK. Indeed BLACKPINK is in Hugh’s area, and he had no idea WTF was happening when he took his daughter to see Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé in concert at Hyde Park but found himself quickly holding up his light stick and grooving along.


This is the power of BLACKPINK. They can charm the most notorious curmudgeon. When the conversation turns to Timothée Chalamet, however, salty Hugh is back and there’s a whole bit near the end of the interview when Timmy makes a cameo where Hugh mocks his Frenchness and whatever and I’m really only telling you this so that I can show you these shots of Timmy at Good Morning America yesterday. Timmy has been back and forth and everywhere these last few weeks on promotion. 


Also a new trailer for Dune Part 2 just dropped with much more Zendaya and their love story which, going by her line, “You’ll never lose me as long as you stay who you are,” sounds like it’s doomed. 



Dune Part 2 comes out March 15, so we will see Timmy again in Q1 of 2024, along with the other members of the Dune Fab Four, maybe even presenting at the Oscars, because Dune and the Oscars are happening the same week.