At one point during the broadcast last night, the camera cut away to Hugh Grant and Timothee Chalamet, sitting next to each other, and I immediately needed more. I needed a microphone at that table recording the conversation. Was there even a conversation? 

Hugh Grant is famously awkward. Duana lost her mind and fell in love with him last year at the Golden Globes when he won her heart after being introduced as the “star of Paddington 2” and then having to introduce Dunkirk in his trademark apologetic, sheepish, floppish way. Have you ever seen anyone so embarrassed so often? And when he’s not embarrassed, he’s a misanthrope. So you have all that baggage on one side… seated beside Hollywood’s most endearing puppy on the other. 

That’s Timmy C. Always the most enthusiastic on the award circuit. The most respectful of his professional elders. So respectful he’s the only one reading the event programme: 


It’s also possible he was reading it to see the order of events, which is what I do with the programme whenever I’m at an event with a programme. When you have a small bladder, you need to be able plan your pee breaks. That said, Timmy was probably just reading the programme because he’s that guy who gives his attention to the programme. Is Hugh Grant like that too? 

And that’s what makes this so intriguing, so potentially hilarious. Hugh Grant and all his Englishness, lack of emotion, constantly vacillating between embarrassment and misanthropy, what would he do with all of Timmy’s emotions, that big smile, those open eyes, bounding up to him with his tail wagging, eager to be friends? Would he have been terrified? Or is there a new Hugh, in fatherhood, who welcomes that kind of all-round positivity? 

One more note on Timmy – as you saw in the previous post on Black Panther,  Michael B Jordan wore the advanced version of the harness that we saw on him at the Golden Globes. Higher degree of difficulty because of the print. But Timmy is, reliably, always steezy. And this time, for the SAGs, it was leather pants. Instead of a tux. I LOVE HIM. I love him SO much.