Oh I’m all about the Moschino pre-fall collection. All the clashing colours, the band vibe, the whimsy of it, and the pants, the pants are great. But also that blazer dress with the chevron print, all of it is so great and I can’t wait to see one of these looks on Lupita Nyong’o or Gemma Chan and Lizzo would kill in that one dress that looks like the end of an electric guitar. (Go Fug Yourself) 


My heart is bursting over how cute this puppy is. Cooper the corgi has a favourite nap spot, as most of us do. Cooper, however, doesn’t understand though that the spot he’s chosen won’t accommodate his body forever. But he keeps trying. Those shots of little him, sleeping SO comfortably, on that shelf, I want to cry from how adorable he is. That said, don’t feel too bad for Cooper. It looks like he lives on a yacht. (Dlisted) 

A trailer for the Fresh Prince reboot has been released and there’s definitely a Euphoria vibe here. Or at least Euphoria season one because if you watched the season two premiere last night… well… that was some STRESS. I was white-knuckling for an hour through that episode. Watching this trailer compared to that was a vacation. (Pajiba) 

Kate Bosworth announced her split from ex-husband Michael Polish last year. She also worked on a film with Justin Long last year. And now she and Justin Long are dating. (Cele|bitchy) 


So…are you watching Singles Inferno on Netflix? South Korea has another hit. Squid Game is Netflix’s most watched show of all time. And now for the first time a Korean reality show has cracked Netflix’s global top ten. I just finished Singles Inferno last night – with Jacek, my husband, who may have been more into it than I was. Like almost all reality dating and love shows that have become culturally buzzy over the last couple of decades, it’s definitely problematic, particularly in their beauty standards. What makes this show different? It’s the dating reality format, and all its inherent drama, and potential for conflict and emotional explosion in combination with a culture that is quite polite and chaste, at least outwardly. And already it’s created a social media sensation: Song Ji-a who has already gained over 600,000 Instagram followers, and counting, since the show premiered. (Buzzfeed)