I can get behind almost every part of Hailey Bieber’s outfit here …but for the boots. The shorts, the bikini top, and the blazer are all working for me here. Why the blazer? Air conditioning. The shoes, however, make no sense to me. These days, many clothing items are all-season. But there are some footwear options that only belong in the fall. I will never ever want to wear boots like this from May to August. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Speaking of Biebers, Justin was educated about food by a doctor who actually shares with people the health benefits of food. Dr Joshua Wolrich very reasonably corrected JB with facts and an invitation to continue the conversation. JB sort of got the message. (Dlisted) 

A couple of weeks ago on What’s Your Drama, I had to explain the “cuckold” thing to Sasha. Now we’re getting a political cuckold church scandal!  (Pajiba) 

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez is one of the most exciting leaders America has produced. She’s smart, she’s assertive, she’s young, and she cares about lipstick and fashion. And she is talking policy and politics while also caring about her skin and how she looks. She’s also saying she has the right to do all of that without being labelled frivolous. (Cele|bitchy) 

I don’t usually link to horoscopes but I’m linking to this one because I really, really, really love the photo they used to accompany the readings. This is Maggie Cheung, my beloved. She hasn’t acted in years and I miss her so much. Can she be in the next Crazy Rich Asians movie?! Or a Marvel movie?! (The Cut)