I’m with Kylie Jenner here and I don’t mean the smoke – well, yes, the smoke, but not the act of smoking, but the act of smoking while taking pictures. It may be the only thing I have in common with her which is that I also am often exasperated with my husband when I ask him to take pictures of me (this happens almost daily) and they turn out like sh-t because he has no interest in making ME look good, he’s more interested in the background and framing the sh-t. What the f-ck does it matter how the trees look if it’s not my best angle, asshole?! (Dlisted) 


I’m not mad at this sweater on Julianne Hough. In fact, I might want one for myself – just without all that fringe on the bottom. If ever there was a Coachella in the winter though, this would be the outfit. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jennifer Lopez’s most basic and effective beauty secret is sleep. And the reality is, sleep is about as inaccessible to people as La Mer even though it’s technically free… because a LOT of people struggle with sleep. I don’t have this problem, sleeping is my superpower, and it’s what my friends and family hate most about me because I can sleep and because they don’t have the gift. And it’s a precious gift. But I’m not here to brag; I’m making a point about beauty expenses. For all the money people spend on beauty products etc, why not direct some of that to sleep therapy? (Cele|bitchy) 

I really like this Jean Paul Gaultier quote about aging. And he compared aging to denim – as in denim gets better as it ages. Which is totally true, nobody likes fresh denim, it needs to be worn in, lived in, and experienced. On that note though, and taking it away from aging and just focusing on denim…why does white denim and black denim never feel the same as blue denim? I’ve never tried on a pair of white jeans that is soft. (OMG Blog) 

There’s a walkout happening in Hollywood today in support of human rights, protesting the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade. What’s a walkout going to do? I get why some are asking that question – but at the same time, it speaks to just how the entertainment industry plans to participate in this movement and the role of the arts in pushing for change. (The Hollywood Reporter)