Breaking news… and yes, I consider it breaking news when Zendaya serves looks because she breaks the internet every time so we’re moving away from the Super Bowl and heading to Paris, but first – you saw how she and Law Roach kicked off the Dune: Part 2 press tour in Mexico, right?


Check out Law’s caption after those two looks, which on anyone else would have been the grand finale, show’s over, pack it up:

“Are y’all ready for more looks?”


Because he knows. Because he understands the impact of a Zendaya press tour wardrobe. So, back to Paris, and the first two today for Zendaya – here at the photo call, Maison Alaia: 


This was one of the most noteworthy pieces on the Alaia runway a couple of weeks ago and OF COURSE, it’s Zendaya who’s the first to wear it – Vogue just called it a “feat of fashion engineering” because of how it wraps around the body and keeps its form while still giving fluidity and also… sand worm? Law is always on theme!

But that was the photo call – on the carpet it was custom Louis Vuitton. We’re getting dessert tones here, another exposed midriff, but the bunched collar evokes her character, Chani, and her people, the Fremen: 

Zendaya attends the "Dune 2" Premiere at Le Grand Rex on February 12, 2024 in Paris, France

The texture, the shape, the pose… like, I just can’t thank them enough, Law and Zendaya, for their fashion generosity. We probably don’t deserve it but they do it anyway. 

As for Timothée Chalamet, relatively low-key at the photo call but on the carpet, he showed up in a chest plate. We’ve seen this on the women, including Zendaya, and now it’s his turn. 


I f-cking love it, especially how the collar takes the colour of everything it’s reflecting, which is mostly red, and I also love that his fit also connects to his character, because as we left off in the first film, Paul is now ready to fight – Timmy is in armour, representing Paul’s imminent battle, as he takes his place as the head of House Atreides. 


And finally, honourable mention to Rebecca Ferguson because the Thom Browne head-to-toe for the photo call is amazing. The red carpet look is kind of a mess for me but I can see how you can make the case that her outfit is on theme with the overall aesthetic of the film and who her character, Jessica is and will become. 

In case you’re wondering, doesn’t seem like Florence Pugh made the trip. But we still have London. And Korea. And all the other Dune stops on this tour. More looks are on the way.