The Fug Girls aren’t feeling Jodie Turner-Smith’s outfit because the proportions but my style proportion math is grading this fit an A+. This, I think, comes down to personal preference. I love a slouchy drop-crotch pair of pants so I’m all over these jeans on her. And I think the crop blazer over an exposed bra with the platforms is exactly the right decision. (Go Fug Yourself) 


A lot of people went to see Barbie this weekend, including men. And some men, the toxic ones, of course have issues with the messaging. What a surprise! Apparently they think that the Barbie movie hates men even though… um… if they were paying attention, in some ways, many ways even, Barbie the movie is actually Ken’s movie. (The Mary Sue) 

America Ferrera’s guilty pleasure is… not how I live my life. Some people have told me that I shower too much. My showers are frequent but they are short. Not showering, for me, isn’t a guilty pleasure, it’s a problem! (Pajiba) 

Let’s check in on Dan Wootton because, naturally, the British tabloids are still not covering his scandal which involves sexual harassment, abuse, catfishing, extortion, and more. Dan is now crowdfunding for his legal bills. It doesn’t seem to be going that well. (Cele|bitchy) 

Have you ever had a Korean pancake? We just went out for Korean bbq on Saturday and ordered a pancake on the side, I hadn’t had one made fresh in a long time. Even still, the frozen ones are good too, I always keep some in the freezer but I hadn’t considered until reading this to keep the pancake mix in the pantry and now I’m definitely getting some this weekend. (Eater)