Rihanna is a billionaire, officially. Which… I mean she’s been heading there for a while now with the fashion and beauty empire she’s been building. I remember, when she first started dating billionaire Hassan Jameel, she was already worth something like $600 million or so. In less than five years she’s more than doubled that. As her Navy screams… now where’s the album?! (Dlisted) 


As the Fug Girls note here, it’s been a while since Blake Lively’s been on a red carpet so she made it a moment for the Free Guy premiere, in support of Ryan Reynolds. That said, she brings it for every one of his movie premieres. I think I like the idea of this dress more than the execution. The colour is great. The cut, to me, is a bit off. The straps might be too thick around the shoulders? It might need that width to hold up the heaviness of the sequins but the effect from the front isn’t as cute as it could be. Also, Jessica is right about the proportion here because I feel like something is needed to break up all that material in the skirt. From the back though, the design is perfect. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Chris Evans slid into Lizzo’s DMs because they’re having a fake baby and it’s great that he’s playing along and so cute that they’re flirting with each other but my favourite part of this is that he’s told us what he thinks of gender reveal parties – Cap is against them, and I love that for us. (Cele|bitchy) 


They say that cycling gives you an ass…and this Scottish cyclist is proof of that. My first thought when I saw his was – oh, that rivals Christopher Meloni’s, right? (OMG Blog) 

I can handle heat, as in spicy food. Like a LOT of heat. Whenever someone tells me it’s so hot, it’s too hot, I barely notice. And I rarely meet people who can handle the same but I think Lorde might be my match because the girl can take the heat, totally unbothered. I am impressed. (Buzzfeed)