Sean Penn went to Ukraine to make a Vice documentary about the invasion, and ended up having to flee to Poland on foot. No jokes about that, but I DO love Mieka calling Penn’s documentary work “tantric auto high-fiving”. Damn, I wish I’d thought of that line! (DListed)


Anne Hathaway does very big hair at Milan Fashion Week. In the last week of red carpet events, we’ve seen a lot of big shoulders, neon colors, and now big hair. The Eighties are back, baby! (Go Fug Yourself)

In honor of Women’s History Month, Harry & Meghan’s Archewell Foundation is making a number of charitable grants to organizations working toward gender equity and empowering women. Of note, Duchess Meghan is still working with Smart Works, which is good to hear. She’s still a “royal patron” to them. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of the Eighties! Charlie XCX’s new song and video, “Baby”, has strong Eighties vibes. A funky little beat for the mid-week. (OMG Blog)

Anna Silman digs into mega-manager Scooter Braun and finds, among other things, credible evidence he planted stories about Lil Twist to deflect negative attention from Justin Bieber. Also starring: shady deals with Harvey Levin and threats from Marty Singer. Swifties will love this, it’s kind of a sideways vindication of Taylor calling out Braun (though not the Swifties’ unhinged behavior in re: death threats, etc). (Business Insider)