President Barack Obama is on the cover of …InStyle?! I love it. I love that he’s showing up in unexpected places. And I love this photo of him, somewhere been a smirk and a smize – all confidence but not arrogant. Now my question is: does Barack Obama get photo approval? Is this something he asks for? Was this part of the agreement? If he does, do you think he ran it by Michelle, Malia, and Sasha or did he make the call himself? I mean if they gave him photo approval then clearly he and his team like this shot,  as they should. (Go Fug Yourself) 


OK first of all, this headline by one of the internet’s most beloved, Michael K, is what started my hysteria. This is a story about the Pope, Instagram, a mysterious “like”, and a woman dressed in a schoolgirl outfit with her ass on blast. Now there’s an investigation. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from what Michael thinks might be the Pope’s password. Forty years from now I’ll be minding my own business at the plastic surgeon’s office and think about this and smile and laugh and f-ck up my injection. (Dlisted)

Have you heard about this butter fight people are having over in the UK? Nigella Lawson started it when she talked about buttering her toast twice. And people are losing their minds. For some, this is a devastating discovery, that there are those who would actually do this. Others are like, this is genius, it tastes so good. I’m in the latter camp. Double butter is one of life’s great pleasures. I think of it like skincare. Like applying a serum to your skin before your moisturiser. The first layer of butter is like serum, it goes into your pores first to do some advance prep. The second layer of butter is you’re your night cream – the serum gives it a soft place to land. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM!? (Cele|bitchy) 

People have been telling me on social media and over email to watch Dash and Lily. And I fully intend to. Just not yet. Dash and Lily is for December, when things slow down. When I have a few weeks off my TV gig. When I can just bunker down with Oreos, an edible, a side of scotch, and lose hours and hours and hours in front of the television. Dash and Lily is totally going to happen to me. I just don’t want to blow the joy too early. (Pajiba) 

OMGOMGOMG. We talked about Stacey Abrams on Show Your Work a couple of weeks ago and if you’ve been reading this site you know how I feel about Rebecca Traister’s work. And now Rebecca Traister interviews Stacey Abrams and I am so jacked up about this my hands are shaking and I have to stop myself from clicking because I still have a junket to do today and I don’t want to hit it until I can be fully immersed and read it at least twice back to back! (The Cut)