Kacey Musgraves performed for the first time at the VMAs last night. And what’s unusual about that is that she has an Album of the Year Grammy, one of the big four Grammy Awards, and considered by many to be the top Grammy. Like three years ago. And she’s just now on her own stage at the VMAs. Prior to her last album, Kacey was categorised as a country music artist. It’s yet another example, though, of how this boxing of art doesn’t apply to more and more artists. Love that she went for a combination of classic and weirdness for her VMAs look. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Late last week there were reports that Prince Andrew had finally been served in Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawsuit against him. His people denied it. And now he’s hired a Hollywood lawyer, the same one that represents Armie Hammer, to challenge the lawsuit on several technicalities. Who is paying for this big shot American lawyer? Is it mummy the Queen? He’s in his 60s and his ma is in her 90s and she may be footing the bill because he has to hire a legal team to defend him against rape allegations. Yet again, not a good look. (Dlisted) 

We aren’t out of this pandemic yet. In the United States, there are few hospital beds available to non-COVID patients because of the surge in new cases among the unvaccinated. Which means that people who need medical attention are not getting it – and this is so avoidable. Where I live, anti-vaxxers and others who are protesting COVID restrictions are actually setting up outside of hospitals and it’s had an impact on medical professionals’ ability to provide care to patients. My mother is a patient at one of the care networks where these people have been protesting so I have a personal investment in what’s happening and serious concerns, not just about my ma but other parents, other children, other family members, your family members, and the people who save lives every day. Frontline healthcare workers are already stretched to the limit and now they have to deal with this f-cksh-t? (Pajiba) 

Will Prince William be the last king of England? Hilary Mantel thinks it’s a real possibility. OK, sure, there may be a day when there won’t be a British monarchy but it’s not like the family members can’t be influencers on social media, or whatever it’s called in 30 years. They’re already influencers, they just won’t admit it. (Cele|bitchy) 

I’ve mentioned this before – I listen to Kacey Musgraves’s Golden Hour a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. I love it. If I wasn’t working this weekend, I would have gotten lost in her new album Star-Crossed. And I plan to, in a few days, after we put this work week away. I can’t wait, especially now that I’ve read Rob Harvilla’s album review. (The Ringer)