Ava DuVernay looks so f-cking amazing on the cover of InStyle and I love everything about this shot. Mostly it’s that the styling isn’t basic – this look is a choice, with the gloves and the shape of the sleeve and the pose and how all of that creates symmetry with her hair. The image is direct, and assertive, and unapologetic…just straight up excellence all around. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Pete Davidson referred to Kim Kardashian as his girlfriend. So they’re …. “label-official”? Is label-official as official as Instagram-official? (Cele|bitchy)

I have not yet watched The Tinder Swindler…but I fully intend to. There’s just a lot in the queue right now between live television events, and finishing up some other series, etc. And it’s a show that Jacek wants to watch with me so I can’t start it on my own, which sometimes can delay things. Probably in the next couple of weeks though, and I’m curious to see whether or not by the time I get around to The Tinder Swindler if people will still be talking about him. Without knowing anything about him and his scam though, I can tell you right now… going just from the pictures, this man is not it for me. I’m not saying I couldn’t be conned, because I can totally be conned. But this dude would not have come near my sh-t. (Dlisted) 


I recently interviewed Samantha Bee on The Social and she was the best, as I knew she would be. Which…that’s not always the case. But there was no doubt that Sam Bee would live up to our love. One of the things we talked about was her relentless commitment to advocating for reproductive rights, not only on her show but whenever she gets a chance. Recently Sam walked into a bar with a Catholic, a Muslim, and a Jew to talk about abortion. Watch this. (Pajiba)

I could never get into Jackass, even though I shamefully find Johnny Knoxville attractive. The reason is because I have a hard time watching scenes involving real people crashing and smashing into things over and over again. You know in sports when an athlete gets injured and they keep replaying it? I have a physical reaction to it. I feel nauseous, I start getting numb in some extremities, sometimes I feel lightheaded. It’s one thing to see it in a movie, it’s another when you know it actually happened. So I much prefer reading about Jackass and its stunts rather than seeing them. (The Ringer)