When you think girl band, what outfits come to mind? Typically it’s body-con, right? Which is why I love it so much that Little Mix stepped out in these layered looks. Some would call this shapeless but there’s still structure here. And I get it, for some people, after living in athleisure for a year, maybe you want to step back out all tight and right. But some of us are never going back to tight anything – and Little Mix seems to be in that groove, for now anyway. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Remember that time Dominic West was photographed with Lily James in Rome and then went back home to his wife and did that awkward as f-ck press conference outside of his house and pinned a note to the shrubbery about how their marriage was fine? It was a wild gossip story – and HE’s the one who should be asked more about it. Lily currently is fielding those questions so if she has to face them, he should get it double, non? (Dlisted) 

T-Pain has been trending for a couple of reasons lately. The first reason is much more wholesome: he revealed he has no idea how to check his private messages on Instagram which means that for the last couple of years, he’s been ignoring hundreds of people…including Viola Davis, LOL. The second reason is gross…and triumphant. People were being racist. So he had to f-ck them up. (Pajiba) 

Really love Hilary Mantel’s analysis of the British royal family – that even though they’ll never admit it to it, royalty “is a branch of show business”. Of course it is. It’s theatre. Every show has a high point, a peak. Hilary contends that British royals have peaked, like so many long-running series. In these situations, sometimes bringing in new characters will help. Well. We know what happened there. (Cele|bitchy) 

“Shot girl summer.” “Waxed and vaxxed.” It’s apparently about to get real horny up in here as more and more people get vaccinated and it’s been a year of lockdown and summer is on the way. Or maybe not. The experts weigh in on whether or not this will be year of rampant hookups. I laughed at the part where they said that when people go on dates these days, the only thing they talk about is COVID. (Vox)