Here are some SAG looks from the cast of The Crown. I think the most controversial hit here is on Emma Corrin – and I love it, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Any time combat boots happen at an award show it’s a good thing. And the energy she’s giving me here is … Star Wars. As in Rey. Doesn’t this have a Skywalker-inspired vibe to it? (Go Fug Yourself)


So… what do you think of “cravy”? “Cravy” is what happens when cranberry sauce is combined with gravy. Which probably happens on a plate at some point, I know, but should it happen to begin with, like from a jar? It’s one thing when those two things end up meeting each other at the midpoint of a meal. It’s another when it’s deliberately manufactured. Also… speaking of cranberry sauce… do you even like it from a can? I actually PREFER it from a can. Come at me, food snobs! (Dlisted) 

Justin Timberlake’s manager, or ex-manager (it is unclear if they are still working together) decided unwisely to give Janet Jackson some advice on social media the other day. He encouraged her to forgive JT. Which means the internet digitally slapped him. And my takeaway? If someone associated with Justin is actually posting this sh-t on Instagram, what must they be saying to Justin, with Justin, and what is he saying back, in private? (Pajiba) 


Here’s the LOL of the day: the British media is trying to brand Kate of House Cambridge into a revolutionary. Um, OK. Remember, the royals have not come out in support of Black Lives Matter because being on the side of social justice is too “political”. But suddenly we are being told that Kate is the British royal family’s most “effective activist”. Seriously how do they even keep a straight face? (Cele|bitchy) 

Speaking of jeans (from earlier, Penelope Cruz post), here’s how they’re wearing their jeans at Seoul Fashion Week. I can totally get behind this jam. (Vogue)