Just another quick note about programming: we are dark tomorrow and Monday and returning to regular gossip schedule, I guess like back to school?, on Tuesday September 7. Wishing you a safe and healthy long weekend. 


I LOVE this dress on Annaleigh Ashford. So much. It’s flouncy and fun. It’s high collar. It’s not tight. It would work with almost any shoe. I would wear this with platform sneakers. It looks like the perfect summer cocktail. This is delightful. (Go Fug Yourself) 

An update to the Brange divorce: in short, it’s nowhere near over because now Brad Pitt wants a higher court to reverse the decision made by a three-judge panel a few weeks ago that disqualified the judge that was presiding over their case. Brad’s team must really want this judge. I mean on the plus side, since this is the highest court, after this step they’ll have to move on because it’s the ultimate decision… unless, LOL, in true cinematic fashion, they push this to SCOTUS which, probably, isn’t even possible. But seriously the way this is going – ALMOST FIVE YEARS – with one delay after the other, it’s a total fictional Hollywood plot twist, but imagine if the case of Pitt vs Jolie did end up before the Supreme Court of the United States? (Dlisted) 


I have no interest in writing about Piers Morgan because he’s a f-cking troll and this Ofcom ruling about the sh-t he was talking on Good Morning Britain about Meghan Markle… this is bigger than Meghan Markle. Because the spirit of his comments, doubting someone who was sharing her experience with suicidal ideation, which means undermining a person’s account of their mental health struggles – it's detrimental to mental health awareness, period. There’s already a stigma that we all should be attacking around mental health, and so many barriers to people being more open about their mental health so that they can seek help, so that help and resources can be more available, and f-ckery like this doesn’t help. (Cele|bitchy) 

Justin Theroux is the new Matthew McConaughey – he’s always looking for an opportunity to take his shirt off, LOL. I listened to this episode of Smartless and the shirtless part actually wasn’t when I laughed the most. It was when Justin and Will Arnett were doing their “New York” voices. I f-cking love Will Arnett so much. (Pajiba)

A quiz about one hit wonders that determines your age with 91% accuracy. Well, they were definitely not accurate with mine. According to them I’m 27. My musical taste is age prediction defying! (Buzzfeed)