I love this dress on Jennifer Tilly. It’s a lot of dress… but it’s also perfect for the event and for her. She looks like she loves it – it’s fun, and bright, and offbeat, and it’s an interesting design element, and the construction looks solid even though there are so many different elements. (Go Fug Yourself) 


The Alice Evans and Ioan Gruffudd divorce was already messy, even before he started dating again – or maybe was dating before they officially broke up, which is the issue taking this split to another level of messy: on Twitter. If I was the new woman (or the one who’s been with him allegedly for three years), like I would have to deeply, deeply love this dude because it’s a LOT of drama, holy sh-t. (Dlisted) 

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is happening next year and Prince Andrew probably won’t be included in any of the events which… ummm…yeah… nobody’s out here outraged about that, in fact, that’s what should be happening considering, you know, his mess. So the fact that it’s being reported to me is weird because, like, was there actually still a pros and cons discussion about this?! Were there actually people in the palace who were advocating for his presence? Besides him, of course. (Cele|bitchy) 

In today’s edition of All Other Dogs Are More Useful Than Mine, here’s a very good boy helping with the irrigation and clearly loves his job. This is what my dogs would do: Barney would just yell the whole time and annoy the f-ck out of everyone and Elvis would take a nap, or run off and steal apples or carrots or whatever food he can find. (Pajiba) 

Brian Cox is obviously not a f-cking monster like Logan Roy….but he is pretty outspoken. And he gives great interview. (Vulture)