Today is Madonna’s birthday and I love this piece by Brandon Sanchez on the impact she’s made on our culture, and not just pop culture but general culture. There is simply no overstating it. Madonna has shaped celebrity, media, performance, presentation – there is no influencer today who isn’t a descendent or a descendent of a descendent of Madonna. But this is by no means a eulogy, because as she wall know, as controversial and complicated as she remains, she’s not done yet, not even close. (The Cut) 


The Fug Girls are asking Fug or Fab on this Kelly Rowland outfit and for me, it’s FAB ONLY. If the pink top was a whole ass dress, the way we’ve seen it in the past, it would be a different story. And if the skirt part was a whole dress it would be boring. But mixing and matching these pieces together? It’s creative and fresh and interesting. (Go Fug Yourself)

In the Kevin Coster-Christine Baumgartner divorce mess, he has so much more power. And he’s using it. He’s mobilised the resources, he’s called in all the legal artillery. Like, I know when a relationship falls apart there’s a lot of grey space, it’s seldom just a villain and victim situation. At the same time, at this stage of the process, it’s also undeniable that Kevin is throwing his weight around. (Cele|bitchy)


Aaron Taylor Johnson and wet and muddy on the cover of the new issue of Esquire and I have no complaints about the body and the water and the mud but his facial expression is… really weird. Like with the performed intense stare and the flared nostrils, with the headline “reluctant superstar”. There’s nothing reluctant about this pose or the look on his face! (OMG Blog) 

RM went live the other day and made it very clear that BTS, even though they’ve paused group activities while they fulfill their military duties, will be back. There is still a future. Bangtan Forever! (Billboard)