What would you do if someone sent you a Cameo of Donald Trump Jr? Like they paid that much money to f-ck with you…because 100% it would be f-cking with you, right? Would you laugh or be offended? Is there anyone who hates me enough to spend the cash? Is there anyone who hates you enough to spend the cash? Or loves you enough, LOL? Love or hate, in a twisted way, is it kind of flattering? Is the only possible reaction to this the way Phoebe screamed “My eyes! My eyes!” on Friends? (Dlisted) 


Love this piece by Kayleigh Donaldson about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly and why the extra-ness of their romance, which is performative and believable and tangible and super hot, is so much fun right now. (Pajiba) 

In The  Heights comes out next week …and I can’t wait because I’ve been dying to collectively thirst over Anthony Ramos and the entire cast with all of you. This is exactly the movie we need as the world opens back up, as we get to (hopefully) spend more time together. There so much to love about this movie – and so much to love about this ELLE spread featuring the stars. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Princess Serene Charlene is currently in South Africa. She’s been there for a while. Is she…staying for a while? (Cele|bitchy) 

A BTS + FOOD quiz! I’m in, obviously, but my only concern is that the things I want to eat vary from day to day. For example, my breakfast choice was eggs and bacon but if you ask me tomorrow, I might say bagel and cream cheese and huevos rancheros was not on the menu. Also, for lunch, I went with pasta because I haven’t had pasta in a few weeks but there are times when I have pasta every day so I might go then with a burger. Same goes for sushi for dinner, haven’t had sushi in a while. Anyway, all this to say that tomorrow my BTS BFF might be Jimin but today, it’s Jin. I’m happy with Jin. I would very much want to eat with Jin. Jin’s the one who does mukbang. (Buzzfeed)