I guess it’s an annual tradition now and Gwyneth Paltrow is probably smug about it: the Goop Gift Guide. The annual tradition is actually to bitch about the Goop Gift Guide and some of the ridiculously expensive sh-t that’s included. They do it on purpose. If someone gave me a Ouija board though I would break up with that friend, I’ll tell you that. But… I really, really like the watermelon bag. I’ll never have it, but it’s cute, isn’t it? (Dlisted) 


The Fug Girls are right – I definitely needed this. A slideshow of all these looks on Gemma Chan and every single outfit is a winner. She makes excellent choices over and over and over again. Of course I’m partial to the high collar pink gown she wore at the Oscars but, really, I love everything here. (Go Fug Yourself) 

This is not a conversation about Dr Phil because… well… nobody needs to be complimenting Dr Phil. What I’m talking about here is punctuality. I’m a punctual person. Chronically punctual. My whole life is governed by alarms. I set alarms every night before I go to bed for things I have to do and show up for the next day. I’m never late. But there are people in my life who are, ahem, always late. It comes up a lot. (Cele|bitchy) 

At first, when I saw this headline, “cat bread”, I was worried that it would be gross. It’s not gross. Not really. Not when you actually see what the loaf of bread looks like. Also I know what bread that looks like this tastes like: sweet – and I do love a loaf of bread that’s on the sweet side. It’s not for sandwiches but it’s great for snack in the afternoon. Might be stress-baking this next. (OMG Blog) 

John Mulaney talks about Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson and which SNL host he would ask out on a date. (Vanity Fair)