Tom Ford’s newest collection isn’t impressing the Fug Girls who aren’t feeling the pants. I quite like the pants, and I really want a pair of disco shorts now – like in every colour, all sequins – but I’m pretty bored by the sequined dresses, the red carpet dresses. I can see celebrities thirsting for them, for sure, but there’s nothing in these award show pieces that we haven’t seen before. (Go Fug Yourself) 


I am CRYING over this chess scandal. This story has everything: a new Gen Z grandmaster, cheating allegations, and anal beads. Yes, you read that right. Anal beads. Our world is WILD. (Dlisted) 

Kate Moss is modelling for Diet Coke now and I can confirm that there is a Diet Coke cult because so many of my friends are obsessed with it. Sometimes they talk about it like it’s a religion. Which is how my husband, Jacek, now feels about Fresca. He had Fresca for the first time a few weeks ago and has now become a devout worshipper. Did you know about the Fresca shortage in the first year of the pandemic? It became an online thing, with people clamouring for more Fresca, and at the time it was a surprise that it was so popular. I know all this because, like I said, Jacek is hardcore about Fresca now. If they discontinued it he would stage a protest. (Cele|bitchy) 


I can’t believe we’re coming up on the eighth anniversary of the premiere of the first season of the Serial podcast. At which point we all became amateur investigators trying to figure out if Hae Min Lee was really murdered by Adnan Syed. There’s now an update to the situation – and it’s the prosecution who is now asking for Adnan’s conviction to be vacated. (Pajiba) 

Claire Lampens is here to talk about the British royals and their money – which is what they never want to talk about. (The Cut)