I’ll never complain about a Gemma Chan fashion moment and this is a bit of a throwback because she’s wearing Louis Vuitton from a few seasons ago and I actually quite like that it looks like a deconstructed wetsuit, per the Fug Girls. My only note is that … I don’t think this was the right hair and makeup choice. She very rarely pulls her hair allllll the way back and for me it would have been better if it was all off her face. And definitely keep the drama in the eyes but maybe a lighter lip? (Go Fug Yourself) 


I saw Drake was trending on social media last night and I was like, oh sh-t, what now? Turns out people were bitching about ticket prices for his tour with 21 Savage. I know it’s only March but at the end of 2023, will we recap the year by remembering all our concert stress? Because everyone is going on tour and everyone else is stressed out about it. I’ve had it multiple times already with Madonna, Beyoncé, and Suga. I got the Madonna and Beyoncé tickets and was unsuccessful with Suga. And that’s just me, because I didn’t go for Taylor Swift tickets and there was a whole drama around that which led to Senate hearings! (Dlisted) 

Oprah was asked whether or not she thinks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle should go to the coronation and she gave a non-answer which is the right answer because, really, it’s not like this is any of her business. That’s basically what she’s saying here, that it’s none of her business. (Cele|bitchy) 

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong are in a new show together called Beef about two people who road rage against each other and keep road raging wayyyyy past the initial encounter and this looks amazing. Funny, no doubt. But also with some big dramatic beats, I can’t wait to binge it. (Pajiba) 

Taylor Swift’s The Eras tour kicks off tomorrow in Arizona and The Ringer is ranking her all-time best live performances. (The Ringer)