Food culture has traditionally been dominated by whiteness but the truth is, western food has been heavily influenced by Black culture and much of the food that’s considered “North American” has been shaped by people from the contributions of Black people, they’ve just been erased from the conversation. If you’re into food shows, you should definitely watch this documentary. (Cele|bitchy) 


Miss Tina saw what people were saying online about Jay-Z rubbing Beyoncé’s leg and entered the chat to shut down the conversation. I’m still in awe of all the people, like Beyoncé and so many of you, who who have mothers who even know how to operate Instagram. Because my ma could never. But in a parallel universe, if she did, she would be spectacular are yelling at people on social media. (Dlisted) 

I really love this retro look on Anne Hathaway although I’m not sure how retro it’s supposed to be since the movie she’s shooting is about WeWork which is a situation that happened, what?, only a couple of years ago? She’s co-starring with Jared Leto and my petty comment about this is that her hair is better. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Obsessed with Rina Sawayama and have been quietly – and not so quietly on Show Your Work and on etalk – in my circles recruiting people because she’s brilliant and you should blast her album and get weird and wild with it and read her profile in Billboard and get ready because she’s going to be in the next John Wick. (Pajiba) 

Conan O’Brien has announced the final guests for the current version of his show before he goes to HBO Max. There’s a TBA slot and now I’m wondering if it’ll be BTS. (Vulture)