Didn’t think I’d be writing a post like this even three days ago but after all these years covering pop culture, it’s a good thing to still be open to the surprise. Which is that I appreciate the Jonas Brothers.


I was in New York this weekend because a friend of mine was lottery-selected for Saturday Night Live. We were there for dress rehearsal and before I get into the Jonas of it all, just a word on dress rehearsal and why for some of us, it’s the main show and not the understudy version. Because I was with someone who also works in television, both of us are SNL nerds (we’ve read the books, we know all about the history), and dress is where all the good sh-t happens. Some of the most legendary sketches happened at dress and not live. “Gus Chiggins” for example played at dress and was cut for time. If you know, you know. And dress is where they throw all the jokes out there before they start trimming in time for live. Duana has never been more jealous of me than she was this weekend because I was going to dress and not live. Especially since this was an episode of SNL where the guest host was a former cast member, and one of the best: Molly Shannon. 


So the experience? It was incredible. Exceeded every expectation. Including the Jonas Brothers because, to be honest, they weren’t on the list of what I was most looking forward to. I’m not a hater, I just can’t say I was a big fan. But now they’re part of the Sally O’Malley mythology. Major points for getting down with Sally O’Malley. Bonus Jonas points to Kevin for delivering the “stretchhhhh” with so much gusto. 


Speaking of Kevin though – seeing them live, and seeing Kevin live, like I couldn’t believe it but I was feeling it. Not FEELING it that way, but appreciating his energy, his ability – all of them, actually. They’re really, really fun when they’re live. They sound good, they look good, the chemistry is good… 

The Jonas Brothers, I think I might be a believer. 

Here they are in London today.