I love Kraft Dinner. I love Spam. I love foods that snobby foodies consider gross. But even I have to pause at pink mac and cheese because I guess it’s the mental disconnect between how you *think* something might taste and how it actually tastes. Also, you know how some of us have parents who told us crazy ass lies when we were kids and for some reason we still believe it? My ma told me pink food brings on stomachaches. I KNOW this is bullsh-t, but I’m telling you, that conditioning is strong. Anyway, does it just taste like regular KD? I think I need to try it. Is it available in Canada? (Dlisted) 


We’re probably still a while off from award show red carpets but if they were happening, I’d love to see one of these Giambattista Valli pieces at an event. Like… on Kerry Washington. Or Gemma Chan. They could make any pieces in this collection work. To me there’s a strong baroque vibe happening. Am obsessed with the big, bowed hair. All of it is very Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. And I’ve always wanted to dress like that, just once. It was unaffordable then, and it continues to be unaffordable now. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Those of us with pets know what a difference they’ve made in their lives this year and the same is true for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. They have two dogs. I bet you their dogs are more accommodating than mine. I was on a junket yesterday and Elvis decided he needed to be on camera. OK, OK, fine. I also decided he needed him to be on camera. Am I Kris Jenner? (Cele|bitchy) 


I love this piece by Kayleigh Donaldson on the “rise and fall of Jared Leto, ubermethod actor” or, as Sarah calls him, “Third Best Joker”. Or… is it “Fourth Best Joker” now? Anyway, this essay revisits why he elicits so many eyerolls with his acting – or, rather, with the messaging about his acting. Remember this is the dude who got into character by sending his co-stars dead animals. (Pajiba) 

Time for some music nostalgia, 90s style. (The Ringer)