The Fug Girls aren’t feeling Katie Holmes’s outfit and I think maybe it’s the colour – this is a polarising colour. The style of this dress though is amazing. Basically a deconstructed trench coat over a pleated maxi, so good. I’m not sure those are the right shoes for it, and Katie often has a weird shoe choice kink but I could overlook the shoes if not for the sheer tights that she’s wearing? WHY the tights?! (Go Fug Yourself) 


Simone Ledward Boseman has the most gorgeous voice…and I was shocked when I first heard it, like in the best way. I was not expecting this sound! This richness! Simone is healing from the loss of Chadwick through her music – and it’s a beautiful way to work through the grief. (Cele|bitchy)

I have just learned something about Jacob Elordi and Elvis Presley that I wish I didn’t. This is not what I wanted. I don’t like. How can I give this back? (Entertainment Weekly) 


I have been looking for a fragrance for years and I still haven’t really found that I can say is fully ME. In the meantime though what I wear is Glossier. My friend Liz Trinnear gave me a bottle six years ago and when I ran out, I just got another one because its basicness is specifically what I like about it. And it’s not a stupid price point. That’s the only Glossier product I have ever considered, and that’s all I really knew about Glossier, period, until recently with the release of Marisa Meltzer’s book about Glossier founder, Emily Weiss, and how she fits into the rise and fall of the Girl Boss era. Now they’re turning it into a series. Who should play Emily? Nicola Peltz? (Pajiba) 


This one is for Sarah, because she has a cat, and does not appreciate cat slander. Especially not when cats are clearly more intelligent than, well, everyone? Cats are evolving very intelligently… and as we have long suspected, they may one day be our overlords. I buy this. Because it sure as sh-t won’t be dogs. I live with dogs. They are lovable and hilarious but they are dopey as f-ck and mostly useless, at least mine are. We’re out here talking about how cats will one day be the new alpha species and my dogs are the ones who don’t even notice that a stranger has walked into the house when there’s peanut butter on the counter. Do your jobs! Aren’t you supposed to be the ones guarding the house?! (Slate)