Natasha Lyonne is trying to quit smoking and…well… I feel her pain, as do many other celebrities who are sending her encouragement. I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore, to the point where I can’t remember but my solution wasn’t necessarily elimination, it was replacement. So my point is that it’s f-cking hard. I really relate to her when she talks about the memories. All my fun times up to age 35 involved smoking. Good luck, Natasha. Hang in there! (Cele|bitchy) 


Michael B Jordan and Jonathan Majors were on an extensive press tour together to promote Creed III. They had a great interview with journalist Sharronda Williams. And their appreciation of her went viral the other day. And Sharronda has taken this opportunity… to secure more opportunities. I’m now a fan and I will be following her career from this point forward. (Dlisted) 

Elle Fanning is demonstrating the power of a really great coat. Or coat dress. It’s beautifully constructed, so all you need is a bold bag, a pair of gorgeous boots, and some sheer thigh-highs, she’s good to go. Also love the perfectly tousle texture of her hair. (Go Fug Yourself)

In today’s edition of Elon Musk is a Stupid F-ck, Icelandic entrepreneur Haraldur Thorleifsson handed him his ass, again, because Elon, that loser, decided to actually question his disability. What kind of magic do we all have conjure up together to make Haraldur the head of Twitter?! And every other enterprise while we’re at it. (Pajiba) 

Oh dear sweet lord, aka Beyoncé, yes, please, bring back the loaded baked potato, and now let’s talk about what we load our baked potato with because for me it’s cheddar cheese, sour cream, green onion, bacon bits, and Cheeto dust. Cheeto dust on everything! (Eater)