Hi Gossips.  A quick technical update for those of you who are asking about our old app and why our menu was not working since the iOS7 release.  Happy to say that we figured out the bug for the latter over the weekend, so you should no longer have any issues with the drop-down menu not working properly in iOS7. 

That being the case, we’d like to remind everyone with a newer smartphone that you should be going to our new mobile site by default at this stage. This is unless you’ve bookmarked our old mobile site that was originally built for older phones.  We’re still seeing quite a few iPhone 4+ and Samsung S3/4 users (for example) using our “laineygossip.com/Mobile” site in our stats and encourage you to update your reading experience by allowing our new site to load.  If you have any old bookmarks where the URL ends in “/Mobile”, delete the bookmark, go into your settings and clear your cookies and LaineyGossip browsing data. Then open a fresh browser window and just type in www.laineygossip.com (the main URL with no “/Mobile”) and you should see the new site load.  Here are the two for reference if you’re not sure what you’re seeing:

LaineyGossip Mobile

Also, we’ve received several emails over the last few months about why you are unable to find our old App in the marketplace after attempting to reinstall it. The reason is we’ve disabled the app and are no longer working with the original builder. If it had been working for you until recently, it’s because the RSS feed that powered it continues to be active for other reasons. We encourage you to abandon the app (which is no longer supported and is super glitchy) and create a shortcut to the new mobile site instead.  The new mobile site gives you all the functionality of the app and more including swipe-able photos and articles, sharing widgets, continuous article loads for easy scanning from the home page, and a ton more.  And if you’re using iOS7, creating a desktop shortcut from the mobile home page creates an “app-like” experience where the menu locks itself in as though it’s a native build.

If you have any questions check out our updated FAQ page or hit up the contact page and let us know if you have any difficulties with the above.