Seriously. That’s how Idris Elba and Taylor Swift were introduced at the Golden Globes last night – as co-stars of the upcoming Cats. Again and again, what even is this movie? At some point, in some scene, are Idris and Taylor going to start, like, purring at each other? He was actually asked about working with her and, specifically acting with her. According to Idris, Taylor has “chops” and then he teases that they might do a song together:

He’s an effective salesman, I’ll give him that. Oh and this:

The man is a TROLL. 

Cats comes out December 20, pretty much exactly the same release date as Star Wars: Episode IX. Interesting counterprogramming. But needless to say, Idris and Taylor are expected to be back at the Globes exactly a year from now representing their musical. Because there is no f-cking way the Hollywood Foreign press starf-ckers won’t want both of them in their show. 

Taylor was a surprise presenter last night. First there was buzz on Twitter after a Lorraine Schwartz publicity email was sent out about her jewels for the evening and then there was even more buzz about 10 minutes before show time that the carpet had to be cleared for her arrival. She remained backstage until she and Idris came out and then stayed backstage for the rest of the event and did not join Joe Alwyn at his table with The Favourite team. They did, however, hit the parties together. 

The key piece of information from that tweet is that Emma Stone and Dave McCary are still together – which means she was never with Justin Theroux, he wishes. Anyway, Nicholas Hoult was also part of the crew and since Emma is best friends with Nicholas’s ex, Jennifer Lawrence, clearly everything’s fine all over the place, no drama. Oh and Taylor and Joe kissed.

Taylor and Joe also hit up the Netflix party – makes sense since the reputation concert is now streaming there. So they’ve yet to walk a carpet together, not at the Globes and not at the after-parties. Last night was not the night for it. It wasn’t her night and it really wasn’t his night either since he was there as part of a larger nomination and not an individual one. Had she walked the carpet with Joe, that would have been the story, over and above everyone else. Even on stage Taylor was rather subdued, not saying much, nothing ad-libbed or spontaneous, following Idris’s lead. You could say that the dress choice reflected that as well. Sort of. It’s black, it’s not sparkly, it’s not a standout – I hate it. I hate it so much. There are other dresses that could have done the same job without being so… Sofia Vergara 2013. And oh my God, this hair. When are we ever going to graduate out of this hair?