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Been saving this for today, it’s a Friday thing, came out a week or so ago, but he just posted about it on Instagram – Idris Elba fronting a Squarespace ad that was released in time for the Super Bowl. There’s a regular spot and a short film, both directed by Spike Jonze and… well…it’s kind of adorable. 

Let’s start with the short film, featuring Idris and comedian Lolly Adefope who’s helping him build his website and she takes it to him right off the top with a reaction to his “rap music”. This is very much appreciated because, well, I don’t know that any of us are fans of Idris for his “rap music”. I wish I could forget that Idris makes music altogether. Good on him for letting that be part of the joke. Their chemistry is delightful. I love it when she rings the bell on him. And there’s a part here where he talks about how he wants to get more into comedy because he’s more known as a serious actor and she sasses him but there’s some truth here – Idris was great on The Office (US version) and, yes, I would totally be down to see him in more comedies. 


The shorter spot is entirely different – it’s Idris imagining all the careers of his dreams while lip syncing to "Que Sera Sera". Maybe it’s my personal connection to this song, because my ma used to sing it to me when I was a kid. It’s one of a handful of English songs she knows the words to, in addition to "Tennessee Waltz", "I Went to Your Wedding", and "Changing Partners". She has a thing for Patti Page and Doris Day. But those opening lyrics – “When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother what will I be?” – choke me up every time. And even though Idris is playing this for humour, there’s something really sweet about seeing him mouth along to a little girl’s voice. 


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