Is it a good idea or a bad idea to produce a biopic on your own life? Beyoncé’s basically doing this with her personal archive. On the one hand, you lose objectivity. On the other hand, you can argue that there is empowerment to telling your own story – to making sure it gets told. Wendy Williams is doing a Lifetime movie on her life. Who will play Wendy Williams in the Wendy Williams production about Wendy Williams? (Dlisted) 

Idris Elba is looking at Helen Mirren here like she’s a snack – and she IS a snack. She knows she’s a snack. Look at her flexing, with that pose, that body language, lounging and chill as Idris’s arm is around her, willing her to look back at him instead of down the barrel of the camera. The camera is her lover. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I read this headline and the first person to pop in my head was Julia Roberts. Remember back in the day when Julia showed up on a red carpet without shaving her armpits? Apparently one in four Gen Z women don’t shave their pits. I think I could get behind this if I had nice pit hair, soft and curly and full. My pit hair grows out wiry and straight and you do NOT want to touch it, it could injure you. (Cele|bitchy) 

Demos from some of Madonna’s most well-known songs have been released. They sound really good. Is it because I will love these songs forever? (OMG Blog) 

I really get this. Travel has become so stressful. Being at the airport is stressful. So has Tiffany Haddish found the solution? You mean travel is even stressful for celebrities? They have that VIP lounge at LAX, why isn’t she using it? I don’t know if this is marketing for whatever that product is but it’s entertaining – and Tiffany seems entertained, if not all that secure. (TMZ)